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Explore stunning diving locations in Rasdhoo

Rasdhoo, located in the Maldives, is a fantastic destination for scuba diving enthusiasts. There are several famous dive sites in Rasdhoo that offer unique and unforgettable diving experiences. Here are some of the most popular dive sites in Rasdhoo.

Hammerhead Point

4.2690° N, 72.9785

Hammerhead sharks are one of the most fascinating species of sharks that roam the ocean. They are known for their unique hammer-shaped head that helps them navigate and hunt prey more effectively.

As the name suggests, Hammerhead Shark Point is known for its sightings of hammerhead sharks. Divers can expect to see schools of hammerhead sharks swimming at a depth of around 20-30 meters. The site also features beautiful coral formations and other marine life, such as eagle rays and barracudas.

Apart from hammerhead sharks, Hammerhead Shark Point is also home to a diverse range of marine life. The colorful coral formations make a perfect backdrop for a variety of fish species.

Madivaru Corner

4.2711° N, 72.9713°

Madivaru Corner is a dive site that is located in the Rasdhoo Atoll, a pristine region of the Maldives that is renowned for its exceptional diving opportunities. This particular dive site is popular among divers of all skill levels and is known for its abundance of marine life.

The highlight of Madivaru Corner is undoubtedly the opportunity to observe a diverse range of shark species up close. Reef sharks, eagle rays and turtles. Divers can expect to explore a beautiful coral reef that drops off into deeper waters, with a maximum depth of around 30 meters

Madi Gaa (Manta Block)

4.2771° N, 72.9837°

Mantas, those gentle giants of the ocean, are known for their graceful swimming and distinctive appearance. Despite their large size, they are peaceful creatures that pose no threat to humans.

To maintain their impeccable appearance and hygiene, mantas visit a special cleaning station known as Madi Gaa or Manta Block. This cleaning station is located in the north channel of the Rasdhoo Atoll, at a depth of 12 meters on a sandy bottom. It is a popular spot for mantas to get a thorough cleaning

Rasdhoo Channel

4.2583° N, 72.9777°

Rasdhoo Channel is a drift dive that offers the chance to see larger marine life, such as eagle rays and barracudas. The site features a beautiful coral reef that drops off into deeper waters, with a maximum depth of around 30 meters.

Divers can expect to encounter a range of marine life, including eagle rays, napoleon wrasse, tuna, and schools of colorful reef fish. The dive site is also home to a beautiful coral garden, which provides a stunning backdrop for divers